• RESINC Solar provides high quality solar & battery solutions

    to homes, businesses and community organisations.

    With unmatched performance, service and support RESINC Solar

    is the result of over 15 years market leading experience.







  • Why is RESINC Solar different?

    We're a Social Enterprise!

    RESINC Solar isn’t just another solar company, we’re a Social Enterprise.

    What does this mean? Well, the community benefits significantly from every installation that we do! Rather than being a simple for-profit business like every other solar company, we decided to contribute a good chunk of our revenues directly back into socially beneficial projects.


    We support several great initiatives including sponsoring our Surf Life Savers, restoring eyesight for people in Indonesia and providing matching funds to community organisations wishing to install solar so that they too can benefit from lower electricity bills, but without the capital outlay. This allows our valuable community organisations to spend their funding doing good work instead of on their power bills, a benefit that will pay-it-forward for many years to come.

  • Why choose RESINC?

    Highest Performing Products

    With significant experience in product selection, design, quality control and procurement, the team at RESINC Solar hand selects the best product combinations to confidently meet the long term needs of our customers.


    High Quality - Made Affordable

    As a specialist in solar financing, the team at RESINC Finance have solutions for both residential and business customers to access renewable energy. With our Pay-As-You-Save approach, in many cases our finance solutions require NO Upfront Cost and the monthly repayments are lower than your electricity savings, making high quality solar a truly unique and affordable investment.


    Complete Peace-of-Mind

    RESINC Solar provides industry leading warranties, great after care service and comprehensive solar monitoring on all of our installed systems, giving you complete peace-of-mind that your investment will be performing at its best for many years to come.

  • Why Solar + Batteries?​​

    Save Money on Your Power Bills

    Installing solar will help you keep your hard-earned money in your pocket! Electricity bills have increased significantly over the last 10 years, it’s time to take the power back from the big retailers by generating your own…


    The Battery Revolution is Here

    This rush to solar battery technology will see approximately 1 million battery installations by 2020. There are a number of exciting products available for installation right now to help you save even more.


    Protect Yourself From Power Blackouts

    Do you get blackouts in your local area, or are you concerned about grid stability in the future? Install a RESINC Solar + Battery solution today and say goodbye to blackouts for good!


    Better For The Environment

    Using the sun to generate energy instead of burning coal helps reduce the biggest cause of greenhouse gases in Australia. By installing a solar system, you’ll be saving money and doing your part for the environment!

  • "The System Has Been Overperforming"


    "Our consultant was great and not pushy at all.

    We were kept well informed from sales to install and the installation team

    did a great job, we are really happy with the design, you can't really see it.

    The system has been overperforming reaching daily averages by 3 pm on cloudy days.

    Looking forward to a few nice dinners out and paying down extra bills and the mortgage with the savings from solar!"


    Michelle from Smithfield

    "Very Helpful From Start to Finish"


    "RESINC was very helpful from start to finish

    The installers were very professional, the system looks very smart and neat

    We are very happy with the final product and design"


    Rob from Kewarra Beach

    "Don't Have to Worry About a Power Bill"


    "Could not speak highly enough of our consultant and his professional service.

    The installation was done straight away and the panels look great, very aesthetic.

    Love that fact we can monitor the system production, I am playing with it all the time.

    We now don't have to worry about a power bill and can pay more towards the mortgage

    Great experience overall!"


    Owen from Gordonvale

    "It’s cranking! 15.2kW by 10am"


    “Dave is a Guru, no comparison. It was a pleasure to deal with an expert.

    The process from start to finish was fantastic and the install team were first class,

    it’s the sexiest looking system I have seen, so we are extremely happy.”


    Kathy from Mooroobool​

    "5 Star – The system is nearly invisible

    from the street which we love."

    “We had looked at solar a few times before, we felt very comfortable with RESINC,

    they were patient and very professional. The system has great performance and we are looking

    forward to using those savings to pay the system off quicker"


    Gary from Trinity Beach​

    "Our bills have dropped by 90%

    since the solar & batteries were installed"

    “We looked at solar three times before, but didn’t go ahead.

    RESINC displayed that they were knowledgeable and understood how to deal
    with NSW supplied power in QLD. The system has been performing extremely well!

    We use the batteries every night and there is still 25% left in the morning

    and they are fully charged again by lunchtime the next day.”


    Wayne from Inglewood

    "Most certainly getting batteries!"


    “We were really happy with the level of service, our consultant even helped us

    set up all our system monitoring which is great. I’m not that tall but I am sure the system looks awesome.

    Would definitely recommend RESINC and the team, 5 stars.”


    Alan from Bentley Park​


    "We are recommending RESINC to others all the time!"


    "We had done years of research and had a few consultations before,

    but never found the right solution. RESINC were very good, no, they were excellent.

    The installation was complex but the guys did a wonderful job, there really is a distinctive difference

    between ours and other systems, the panels look really good. And by being able to monitor the

    system performance we are understanding the importance of our household usage.”


    Lesley from Kewarra Beach​

    "So excited about free power"


    “The system is performing well and we now only have an $80 bill from night time usage.

    We are using the monitoring all the time and using the savings for a trip to the Maldives

    and had a pool heater installed. The RESINC team were a pleasure to deal with, very polite and courteous.”


    Lloyd from Bentley Park

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