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    For a limited time, customers will be able to purchase a RESINC Solar ‘Premium System’ with ‘$0 Upfront’ and ‘Nothing to Pay’ during the ‘Benefit Period’, whereby RESINC will provide an ‘Installation Rebate’ to cover the customers finance repayments on an ‘Eligible Finance Plan’.


    $0 UPFRONT / NO MONEY DOWN / NO DEPOSIT / NOTHING UPFRONT are all terms used by RESINC in reference to a no deposit finance plan with a 3rd party lender.


    NOTHING TO PAY refers to the effective net outcome for a customer during the period covered by RESINC’s COVID-19 initiative, whereby RESINC will provide the customer with a lump sum payment (installation rebate) to cover the customers entire monthly repayment obligations on an eligible finance plan. The customer will still be required to pay the finance provider as and when payments fall due per their approved finance agreement, however they will be able to draw down on the funds already paid to the customer by RESINC, such that no additional contribution is required on the customers end during the period covered by RESINC’s COVID-19 offer.


    BENEFIT PERIOD is the number of months repayment cover offered by RESINC to the customer under its COVID-19 Community Support Initiative.


    BENEFIT AMOUNT is equal to the benefit period multiplied by the customers approved monthly repayment amount on an eligible finance plan. If RESINC’s COVID-19 offer to the customer consisted of 10 months repayments and the customers approved monthly repayment amount is $200, then the benefit amount would be 10 x $200 = $2,000. The minimum benefit amount a customer will receive under RESINC’s COVID-19 offer is $1,000 and as high as $5,000 for a large residential system with a maximum 12-month benefit period at the start of the offer, where monthly loan repayments would be $416.67. With over 100 potential system configurations, to receive an estimated benefit amount please speak with a RESINC Solar Specialist to customise a system suitable to your needs, property and individual circumstance.


    BENEFIT PAYMENT will be paid in lump sum to the customers nominated bank account within 7 days of their finance settlement (approx. 10-14 days after installation).


    ELIGIBLE FINANCE PLAN refers to an 84-month (7 year) Renewable Energy Loan with lender RateSetter Australia, brokered by RESINC Finance. The loan is not suitable for everyone and some people may not qualify based on the consumer lending criteria of RateSetter. For more information and suitability of the RateSetter Renewable Energy Loan to your circumstances, including any applicable interest, fees and charges, please read the RateSetter Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available on their website https://www.ratesetter.com.au/pds/


    PREMIUM SYSTEM refers to RESINC’s premium product range and warranty offer at full RRP. The system cost will vary based on the installation requirements and objectives of the customer, as well as any site related variants.


    If you have any issues with your use of this website or any suggestions on how to make it better, please contact us on info@resincgroup.com.au.

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