Savings Guarantee

    RESINC guarantees that all solar PV systems it installs will have a cost break-even of less than 7 years based on the following assumptions and conditions;

    1. General assumptions;

    a. Cost of System is the net purchase price (or financed amount) for the system after all discounts and STC credits.

    b. The 7-year savings guarantee commences from the date in which the system is deemed grid connected by the network distributor.

    2. Customer obligations;

    a. Maintain the system in good working order and ensure that the system is free of obstruction, soiling and any additional shading from plant growth post installation.

    b. In the event of a system fault, notify RESINC as soon as possible to ensure the system is returned to full working order. Any delays between a fault and notification of such may be added to the 7-year guarantee period.

    c. Maintain active monitoring of the solar system through the inverters built in app or web�based software.

    d. Keep a record of power bills for the period of the savings guarantee.

    3. System Savings calculation;

    a. Total kWh’s = Offset kWh’s + Feed-in kWh’s

    i. Total kWh’s = inverter production (shown in monitoring software)

    ii. Offset kWh’s = personal consumption of solar power (Total kWh’s – Feed-in kWh’s) iii. Feed-in kWh’s = solar power fed-in to the grid (shown on bill)

    b. Savings = (Offset kWh’s x Customer Rate) + (Feed-in kWh’s x Feed-in Tariff)

    i. Customer Rate = Electricity Rate for consumption during solar production hours

    ii. Feed-in Tariff = energy retailers benefit paid for excess solar production fed-in to the grid by the system

    4. Assessment;

    a. To raise a Savings Guarantee claim, RESINC will require the below items submitted by email to info@resinc.com.au

    i. Electricity bills covering the guarantee period

    ii. Inverter monitoring username and password

    iii. A workings sheet calculating the estimated System Savings per billing period, as detailed in clauses 3a and 3b above, together with a claim amount request

    5. Guarantee payment;

    a. Should the Savings not exceed the Cost of System over a 7-year period then RESINC will refund the difference(Cost of System – Savings) to the customers nominated bank account within 14 days of receipt and validation of all supporting information required in clause 4.

    b. RESINC reserves the right to physically audit the System prior to validation of the claim to ensure the customers obligations in clause 2 have been satisfied and items in clause 16 do not apply.


    Onsite Service Agreement – Provided on RESINC’s Performance range of systems only 

    In the event of a system fault, which cannot be resolved remotely by following the manufacturers recommended trouble shooting procedures, RESINC will provide for an electrician site visit within 7 days to assess and either repair or replace any items requiring remedy.

    6. There will be no cost of labour, parts or process passed on to the customer, however;

    a. Should an electrician attend site and determine that the system is operating normally then a call out fee of $250 will apply, or;

    b. Should the system fault be the result of any item in the General Restrictions and Exclusions, then a call out fee of $250 will apply and the customer will be quoted for repair or replacement at the customers own cost.

    7. In addition to system repair or replacement under our Onsite Service Agreement, RESINC will reimburse the customer for any lost System Savings extending beyond 7 days from the time of the customers notification to RESINC of a fault.


    Workmanship Warranty

    All of RESINC’s employees and contractors are covered by fully comprehensive insurance for works done on your premises. In the rare event of accidental damage to your property during installation, or damage caused after installation due to workmanship fault, RESINC will;

    8. Assess and repair all damage caused, either through direct cost or insurance claim, provided;

    a. The damage is a direct result of the installation and not pre-existing

    b. The customer agrees to provide access and cooperate with RESINC or it’s nominated contractors to repair the damage in a timely manner

    c. The customer takes all reasonable steps to immediately notify RESINC of any damage and minimises any potential for further damage prior to assessment

    9. Should an emergency call out be required for weather related concerns and the problem is not deemed to be caused by the solar installation, then all costs of call out and remedy will be the sole responsibility of the customer and RESINC reserves the right to invoice the customer for costs, or nominate them as responsible for a contractors invoice.


    General Manufacturer Warranties

    10. RESINC warrants all general items of installation and will replace at its own cost any items which have failed within the warranty period, including such components as;

    a. Panel mountings and fixings

    b. Electrical cables and switches

    c. Conduit and other enclosures


    Inverter & Panel Manufacturer Warranties

    11. As per manufacturers provided warranty documents.


    Panel Performance Warranty

    12. As per manufacturers provided warranty document.


    Hail Damage Guarantee

    RESINC provides a 25 year supplementary Hail Damage Guarantee, whereby in the event the panel manufacturer rejects a claim due to hail size exceeding its warranty provisions, RESINC will cover the customers Insurance Excess to replace the whole Solar PV system under the customers Home and Contents Insurance Policy, providing:

    13. The customer is covered by a current Home and Contents Insurance Policy which includes storm damage

    14. The Insurer has approved a claim for the replacement of the whole Solar PV system

    15. RESINC is awarded the contract to replace the system by the Insurer, as the original installer


    General Restrictions & Exclusion

    16. Any warranties, guarantees and service agreements provided do not apply to;

    a. Conditions arising directly or indirectly from war, riots, destruction, fire, explosion, earthquake, storm, typhoon, cyclone, hurricanes, tornado, volcanic action, tidal wave, snowfall, avalanche, freezing, salt damage, acid rain, power failures or surges, lightening strike, indirect lightning strike, flood, damage by insect, animal, land subsidence, crack or landslide, accident, abnormal environmental pollution or soiling, actions of third parties and other events that occur outside of RESINC’s control and not occurring under normal operating conditions, or any phenomena that can not be prevented with the technology available for practical use at the time of this warranty.

    b. Conditions arising from misuse, negligence, abuse or any humans’ intention, fault or user error.

    17. Under no circumstance shall RESINC be liable for any incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, in any possible way, connected or associated with the RESINC system. This warranty is the owners sole and exclusive remedy and RESINC’s maximum liability under this warranty is limited to the retail purchase price of the system as paid by the owner