• RESINC Solar - Warranty Terms & Conditions






    All of RESINC’s employees and contractors arecovered by fully comprehensive insurance for works done on your premises. In the rare event of accidental damage to your property during installation, or damage caused after installation due to workmanship fault, RESINC will;


    1. Assess and repair all damage caused, either through direct cost or insurance claim, provided;


    a. The damage is a direct result ofthe installation and not pre-existing or caused post-installation,


    b. The customer agrees to provide access and cooperate with RESINC or its nominated contractors and insurer to repair the damage in a timely manner,


    c. The customer takes all reasonable steps to immediately notify RESINC of any damage and minimises any potential for further damage prior to assessment, especially in regard to a roof leak.


    2. Should a call out be requested by the customer and the problem is notdeemed to be caused by the installation of your solar system, then all costs of call out and remedy will be the sole responsibility of the customer and RESINC reserves the right to invoice the customer for its costs or nominate the Customer as responsible for a contractors invoice.


    3. Any repairs carried out by a 3rd party engaged by the Customer should only be done so after prior notification and agreement with RESINC, unless the work completed is the results of an emergency call response.


    a. Associated costs of a 3rd party engaged by the Customer may be ineligible for coverage by RESINC without sufficient documented evidence of the direct relation to RESINC’s install workmanship.


    b. RESINC maintains a preferred and trusted network of trade qualified contractors with agreed rates and service levels. Any costs covered by RESINC for 3rd party contractors engaged by the Customer directly will only be approved if they are commercially comparable in service and pricing and RESINC reserves the right to seek their own quote for the works.


    c. Any 3rd party works done which involve physical or electrical interaction with the solar system and its components not completed by an approved RESINC employee or contractor may jeopardise some or all your Warranties & Service Agreements with RESINC and its product Manufacturers.



    4. RESINC warrants all general items of installation (Balance of System) andwill replace at its own cost any items which have failed within the warranty
    period, including such components as;

    a. Panel mountings and fixings,

    b. Electrical cables andswitches,

    c. Conduit and other enclosures.

    Customer Obligations

    5. Customer mustensure their system is cleaned and maintained annually to prevent avoidable
    long-term damage to the balance of system Electrical Components.




    6. As per Manufacturers provided Warranty document/s.

    7. **RESINC will provide its PERFORMANCE PLUS customers who have maintained a continuous Annual
    Panel Cleaning & Annual System Maintenance subscription since within 12
    months of installation of the system with a complimentary Inverter replacement
    between years 11-25, outside of the Manufacturer provided Warranty period,
    should the installed inverter stop working.

    a. The Complimentary inverter replacement brand and type is at the discretion of RESINC at the time
    of replacement.

    Customer Obligations

    8. Customer must ensure their system is cleaned and maintained annually to prevent avoidable
    long-term damage to the Inverter/s.



    9. As per Manufacturers provided Warranty document/s.

    Customer Obligations

    10. Customer must ensure their system is cleaned and maintained annually to prevent avoidable
    long-term damage to the panels.



    11. As per Manufacturers provided Performance Guarantee document/s.

    Customer Obligations

    12. Customer must ensure their system is cleaned and maintained annually to prevent avoidable
    performance related issues, accelerated degradation and long-term damage to the



    RESINC guarantees that all PERFORMANCE solar systems it installs will save the Customer at least 150% of the base system value in the first 10 years following installation.

    General Considerations

    13. The Savings Guarantee applies to the base solar system value (Cost of System) after any STCs & Government Rebates, discounts, promotional cashbacks, refunds, or credits provided by RESINC to the Customer prior to or after installation.

    14. The Savings Guarantee commences from the date in which the system is deemed grid connected by the network distributor.

    Customer Obligations

    15. Customer must ensure their system is cleaned and maintained annually to ensure the system operates at its highest performance possible.

    16. Check your system visually monthly to ensure there is no excess soiling from birds, bats, dust, and plant matter and ensure the panels are cleaned of obstructions and excess soiling if required.

    17. Ensure that the system is free of obstruction and any additional shading from surrounding plant growth.

    18. Maintain an Active Monitoring Service of the system with RESINC.

    19. Check your online monitoring portal monthly to ensure your system is performing adequately.

    20. Notify RESINC immediately in the event of an observed system fault or performance drop to ensure the system can be returned to full working order in a timely manner. Any delays between a fault or performance drop and notification of such may be added to the Savings Guarantee period.

    21. Keep a digital or physical record of power bills for the period of the Savings Guarantee.

    Savings Calculation

    22. Savings = (Offset kWh’s x Electricity Rate) + (Feed-in kWh’s x Feed-in Tariff).

    a. Total kWh’s = inverter production (shown in monitoring portal).

    b. Offset kWh’s = personal consumption of solar power over the billing period (Total kWh’s – Feed-in

    c. Feed-in kWh’s = solar power fed-in to the grid (shown on bill).

    d. Electricity Rate = Electricity Retailers cost (inc GST) for consumption of power during solar production hours
    (shown on bill).

    e. Feed-in Tariff = Energy Retailers benefit (inc GST) paid for excess solar production fed-in to the grid by the


    b. Evidence of annual system cleaning and maintenance,

    c. A Savings Guarantee Workings Sheet (template available from RESINC on request) calculating the estimated
    System Savings per billing period, as detailed above.

    Savings Guarantee Payment

    24. Should the Savings not exceed 150% of the Cost of System over the guarantee period then RESINC will
    refund the difference (Cost of System x 150% - Savings) to the customers
    nominated bank account within 7 days of receipt and validation of all Supporting Information,

    25. RESINC reserves the right to physically audit the System prior to validation of the claim to ensure the Customers Obligations have been satisfied.

    Potentially Reducing Factors

    26. Derated systems due to shading, panel orientation, and grid limitation losses:

    f. RESINC reserves the right to reduce the Savings Guarantee by an equal % of the estimated derate
    amount above the regular allowance of 15% because of shading, orientation, and
    grid limitation losses.

    27. Electricity retail plans which do not provide a premium Feed-in Tariff to the customer based on what was commercially available in the market during the billing period:

    a. Some electricity retailers offer solar Customers plans with a reduced or negative Feed-in Tariff
    and lower Electricity Rates with the retailer benefiting from the commercial
    value of the solar feed-in and passing back benefits to the customer in the
    form of lower Electricity Rates. RESINC reserves the right to add-back these
    savings as associated with the system purchase or use the commercially
    available premium Feed-in Tariff and associated Electricity Rate plans
    available at the time in its calculations of the Savings Guarantee.

    28. If the Customer has not implemented practical recommendations provided by RESINC to maximise their system performance and savings, then RESINC reserves the right to appropriately reduce the Savings Guarantee amount.

    General Exclusions

    29. Excluded from the Savings Guarantee are the below items:

    g. Batteries are not covered by our Savings Guarantee due to the many ways they can be configured
    for personal use and circumstance.

    h. Finance associated costs and interest when the System is purchased using finance.

    i. Additional site-specific costs of installation including but not limited to:


    i. Additional meter works and upgrades,


    ii. Removal and disposal of existing solar systems,


    iii. Additional installation costs due to site related variables,complexities, and location.

    j. Annual panel cleaning and maintenance costs.



    RESINC cares as much about your solar savings as you do, so we’re there with you every
    step of the way checking your system for any fault alerts and ensuring its online and operational, every single week.

    RESINC Responsibilities

    30. RESINC will check the customers online monitoring portal on a weekly basis to ensure the monitored system is operational and connected to the monitoring cloud.

    31. Should a fault be detected with the system RESINC will immediately initiate the necessary steps to troubleshoot and rectify the issue detected.

    32. Should the system be offline without a Wi-Fi connection for more than 7 days RESINC will contact the customer to walk through a reconnection process to ensure continuity of long-term monitoring

    Customer Responsibilities

    33. Customer must maintain an active Wi-Fi service with reliable signal strength to the inverter. It may be necessary for the customer to increase the connection signal by installing a Wi-Fi booster near the inverter. Should a reliable Wi-Fi connection not be available the customer may
    wish to purchase a 4G wireless dongle compatible with the solar inverter and obtain a shared data SIM card from their mobile carrier.

    34. Customer must update their monitoring service whenever their home internet service or password changes.

    Special Considerations

    35. RESINC will provide best endeavours to ensure the customers system remains operational and connected to the monitoring cloud through remote observation. This service is labour intensive across a large customer base, and we request prompt response and action on the customers
    behalf when necessary.

    36. Should Wi-Fi connection issues persist without action by the customer to improve the signal strength to the inverter RESINC may at its discretion remove the customer from this service after providing written request to remedy.



    RESINC will endeavour to rectify any reported system faults and warranty claims within
    7 days of receiving all requested supporting information by the customer.

    37. Should a valid system fault not be resolved within 7days of notification and receipt of supporting information, RESINC will provide the Customer with a pro-rata $40 per week for the time exceeding 7 days once the system has been restored to normal function.

    a. System Downtime Cover only applies to faults causing a loss of energy production by the solar
    system and does not cover monitoring or retail electricity provider related connections or delays.



    Your complete peace-of-mind that all costs including call-outs, labour and materials
    are covered in the unlikely event of a manufacturer warranty claim, system fault or installation concern.

    RESINC Responsibilities

    38. RESINC will cover all associated costs of call-outs, labour and materials required to rectify a valid manufacturer warranty claim, system fault or installation concern.

    Customer Responsibilities

    39. Customer must obtain and provide recent electricity bills and any other supporting information, such as site photos, to RESINC on its request to assist with any performance query or concern.

    40. Customer must ensure their system is cleaned and maintained annually to prevent avoidable performance issues and long-term damage to the system and its components.

    100% Refundable Call-Out Fee

    41. In the event the customer does not have sufficient monitoring data to remotely assess the performance and function of their system, or the customer is insistent on a physical site visit to assess the raised issue, RESINC may request a $250 call-out fee paid upfront. This fee is fully
    refundable should the issue be covered under RESINC’s Responsibilities to this agreement
    but should be considered together with the below Service Exclusions.

    Service Exclusions

    42. RESINC will always provide the highest level of customer support and pursue all concerns raised to ensure your system is operating as expected and that you understand your system and are getting the most benefit from it. Over the years of providing this service we have observed over 95% of customer system performance queries have been the result of site-based changes rather than system related issues. It is therefore important to note several exclusions in which Call-Out Fees are not covered under our Parts & Labour Cover and will be at a $250 cost payable by the Customer to RESINC should a Call-Out be the result of any of the below:

    a. Increased consumption in the household,

    b. Increased energy retailer costs,

    c. High feed-in and low household self-consumption,

    d. Customer not understanding how solar, or their energy retail bill works,

    e. IT related issues such as the Customers home Wi-Fi connection,

    f. Tree foliage which has grown and not been trimmed,

    g. Systems / panels which have not been cleaned or maintained when required,

    h. Pre-existing roof damage and water leaks,

    i. Generally accepted roofing and household electrical wear & tear,

    j. Damage caused by other tradespeople, the homeowner, or a member of the public,

    k. Damage caused by a severe weather event or tree fall,

    l. Damage caused by misuse, negligence, or intent,

    m. Damage caused by household or grid electrical faults,

    n. Systems which are performing within expected parameters.

    43. In the event that electrical works are required to becarried out on the system which are covered under RESINC’s Parts & Labour Cover policy, the extent of RESINC’s liability is limited to the works that are required and do not include additional electrical works, if required, should the home or system not be compliant with current electrical safety codes at the time the works are to be carried out, unless the system installed did not meet the electrical safety codes at the time of installation.



    In the unlikely event you experience a hailstorm which exceeds the panel manufacturers warranty tolerance for hail damage, RESINC will rebate your Insurance Excess in making a claim under your Home & Contents Insurance to cover the replacement of your panels.

    Service Inclusions

    44. RESINC will cover the Customers Insurance Excess as aresult of a claim arising from hail damage to your solar panels.

    Customer Responsibilities

    45. The Customer must notify their Home & Contents Insurance provider that they have installed a solar system following its installation by RESINC Solar.

    46. In the event of a hail damage claim the Customer mustensure that RESINC is requested as the company to repair / replace the damaged solar system.

    Special Conditions

    47. RESINC’s Hail Damage Guarantee is conditional to RESINC being appointed by the insurance company to repair / replace the damaged solar system.

    Payment Method

    48. RESINC will rebate the Customers Insurance Excesswithin 7 days of receipt of payment from the Insurance Company for the replacement of the damage solar panels.



    49. Any warranties, guarantees and service agreements provided do not apply to;

    a. Conditions arising directly or indirectly from war, riots, destruction, fire, explosion,
    earthquake, storm, typhoon, cyclone, hurricanes, tornado, volcanic action,
    tidal wave, snowfall, avalanche, freezing, salt damage, acid rain, power
    failures or surges, lightning strike, indirect lightning strike, flood, damage
    by insect, animal, land subsidence, crack or landslide, accident, abnormal
    environmental pollution or soiling, actions of third parties and other events
    that occur outside of RESINC’s control and not occurring under normal operating
    conditions, or any phenomena that cannot be prevented with the technology
    available for practical use at the time of this warranty.

    b. Conditions arising from misuse, negligence, abuse or user error.

    50. Under no circumstance shall RESINC be liable for any incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, in any possible way, connected or associated with the RESINC system. This warranty is the owners sole and exclusive remedy.

    51. RESINC’s maximum liability under this warranty islimited to the net purchase price of the system as paid by the Customer, less any discounts, rebates, refunds, compensation or make good which may have already been provided.




    Your RESINC Solar STANDARD or PERFORMANCE inclusions are fully transferrable to a new owner of the system in the event you sell your home. For a nominal new owner fee of $110 our team will assist them to:

    · Update the new owners contact details in oursystem,

    · Provide them with a copy of all purchaseagreements and product manuals,

    · Transfer the online monitoring into an accountof their own,

    · Assist the new owner with access to monitoringon their preferred devices,

    · Walk them through an operational induction ofthe system and monitoring,

    · Provide them with tips on maximising solarsavings and reducing household energy usage,

    · Help guide them towards choosing the best energyretailer for maximum solar savings.